DJ Khaled-No New Friends ft. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil' Wayne (Video)

My views on this were relatively neutral on the track’s release: I had time for Drake’s smooth hook, but the verses didn’t really stick around in the brain for long. Nothing’s changed, but I felt like reiterating that view.

It must be said, the video’s actually quite a fun watch though. Most of it is shot through an old-school video camera style, including the timestamp of May 15th 1996, and it adds a fun retro vibe to a mainstream track that threatened to come across as a little too serious. In that sense, it’s almost the inverse of I’m On One, a track that came across as fairly upbeat on the audio release, but got slightly moody once the video emerged; working this way around should help this effort’s cause when it comes to TV playtime, with the clip’s colourful and busy nature adding the ‘excitement’ the track’s slow pace fails to bring.

I’m still not hugely into the track, though it’s not the instant skip that many of Khaled’s efforts tend to be, and credit for making the video a relatively lighthearted watch. Expect this to dominate airwaves this summer.

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