Deer Tick-The Rock

deer tick
The Rock is a song about being in love with an artist and subsequently having your heart broken by that artist. The silly little metaphors in the song are ‘the rock’ which is the power to destroy your relationship, and ‘the window’ which is the relationship. I like the idea of a breakup being represented by shattering glass.

My first exposure to Deer Tick is a positive one. Taken from the upcoming Negativity album, set for 24th September, this one moves through several styles with an admirable intensity that makes it a diverse and enjoyable listen. The first minute is a gentle ride, combining airy synths with delicate yet sharp vocal work, before the track explodes into life with lively piano melodies, crisp percussion and plenty more besides. The end product is a fun yet intense listen, with surprising dashes of horns thrown in at the halfway point for a jazzy touch, and the lengthy guitar strums toward the end add a further layer of diversity- the overall sound is one that hovers between rock, alternative, pop and western, and with good effect. The vocal work capitalises well on the track’s various highs and lows, whilst their consistency affords the track a sense of stability amongst that varied production, and finishes off what is a very likeable track from the band.

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