Daley-Songs That Remind Me Of You (Video)

The hugely talented upcomer is back, this being the first single from his as-yet untitled EP. Undoubtedly, his popularity has shot through the roof since his Jessie J collaboration was released last year, and it’s nice to have him back releasing soul/R&B jams once again.

Daley’s songwriting abilities often go a little overlooked due to the excellence of his vocals, and this is another example of his perfect marriage between those two facets. The lyricism is introspective and mournful (and for many, relatable I’m sure), whilst his controlled yet emotional vocals not only enhance the sad, sombre vibe of the track, but even blend with the atmospheric production to add a rather sultry layer that’ll make this listenable for those who don’t necessarily commit themselves lyrically. It’s generally a very mellow, relaxed piece with a mature feel, and hence it’s a nice forward step for the young talent.

The video is a great fit for the moody track, filmed entirely with a black and red colour palette, with the former adding a bleak sense of minimalism, and the latter providing a sharp, emotional trigger. Movement is conservative throughout, working with the track’s slow, winding nature, and generally it’s a good visual that enhances the vibe of the audio well. Head to Daley’s place to get the new EP delivered to your inbox on its release.

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