Daft Punk-Get Lucky ft. Pharrell (Official Remix)

daft punk get lucky remix artwork
The duo revealed a short while ago that a 10-minute remix of their ubiquitous single was coming (along with a full remix album of Random Access Memories), and given that the original has been played to the point whereby it’s probably our new national anthem, it’s a timely refresh.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is essentially an extended cut of the original, clearly being the origin work from which the radio edit was carved, and hence it’s got all the positive vibes of the original, just plenty more of them. Whilst it’s clear which segments they cut out for radio use, the overarching upbeat qualities of the production blends those sections in very smoothly, and as it moves through its various iterations, the sheer dynamism and flexibility of their work makes the 10-minute journey pass incredibly easily. I’m not totally sold on the album itself (a seperate discussion), but here they’ve taken its standout piece and essentially stretched it out and ramped it up a few notches, which is absolutely no problem with me, and I expect it won’t be with many others. Stream the track here for now, and look out for its release on 15th July.

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