Cyril Hahn-Perfect Form ft. Shy Girls

cyril hahn
Cyril’s done a great job at positioning himself as one of the premiere remix artists in the electro/dance field, taking on several new releases and classic jams and delivering great refreshes of both in recent months. Now, he’s preparing for an album of his very own, and kicks off with this excellent effort that should find a home on many summer playlists.

Creating mellow electro with a little vibrancy is rarely an easy task, but Hahn manages it well here. The verses throw together drifty samples and synths with thudding, bassy percussion for a nice layer contrast, whilst the vocals are gentle enough to synergise with those soft melodies. The hook steps up a little, with the vocals shifting to a more overtly positive style, along with a couple of additional synth layers and retooled percussion for increased depth and energy. The progression completes with a lively final third, moving into a more expansive style courtesy of sharper, more piercing melodies really filling out that soundscape, and finishing off what is a very likeable piece of (relatively) laidback electronic music. Sadly, it’s not out until 9th September, so you might want to bookmark this for repeat streams.

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