Catching Flies-The Long Journey Home EP

catching flies
The first single from this EP was a thoroughly enjoyable listen, encapsulating the imagery evoked by the project’s title very well, and Catching Flies has now made the full EP available to both stream and buy.

Considering this month is/has been/will be heavily hip-hop oriented, the mellow methods of the talented upcomer will definitely make for a good break away from the rap genre. The quality of his instrumental work has been proven several times over, and it’s good to get a lengthier project to see just how that production work has evolved and developed. I’ve not quite got around to listening to it yet, but I’ve no doubt it’ll slot right in to my summer playlists, and fully expect another raft of quality tracks from the gifted producer. Stream the full EP here, and should you be impressed, be sure to support and buy it too.

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