Catching Flies-Stay Forever

After a breakout 2012 with The Stars EP (seriously, how few acts in our history have gotten a feature article for their first post?!), Catching Flies returns with his next project, The Long Journey Home.

Such a title conjures up images of, unsurprisingly, long, arduous travel; I’m sure many can relate to the image of desolate motorways or red-eye flights, and if the rest of the EP is in the vein of this single, it appears Catching Flies is about to soundtrack those occurrences. Stay Forever combines wistful, atmospheric synths in with bassy yet soft percussion that doesn’t break too far away from the mellow soundscape, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt the natural reflectiveness created and instead works as a key component in developing that vibe. The occasional touch of relatively gentle vocals works to add a nice melodic layer, whilst the surprising inclusion of saxophone towards the end provides an unexpected twist to proceedings, but again without disrupting the track’s natural flow, instead adding a welcomed vintage flavour to the electronic piece.

Another top piece of work from the talented upcomer, and you can get the track right now if you pre-order the full EP; for a mere £2.50, you can’t really go wrong.

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