Bloc Party-Ratchet

Ratchet really came together whilst we were on tour in 2012. We started slipping it into the sets at the start of this year just to try it out and the reactions were insane. We knew we had something special.

Bloc Party are set to release a new 5-track EP on 13th August, The Nextwave Sessions, before they (supposedly) go on another hiatus following the conclusion of their upcoming tour. And yes, this single is titled after one of hip-hop’s favourite terms in the last 18 months. The instrumentation is upbeat and punk-driven, with a ton of funk in the guitars that takes the edge off their otherwise jagged nature to turn this into a hugely-infectious effort. Kele’s vocals are the key component in adding that addictive vibrancy, combining sarcasm, irony, and general fun into a heavily-inflected, likeably-eccentric style that bounces along that instrumentation well.

It’s a clever video too, paying direct homage to four of their previous visual works (Octopus, Hunting For Witches, Little Thoughts and Helicopter, for those interested), but doing so with progressive levels of distortion that warp the videos into psychedlic, downright weird outcoes. Whether it’s morphing Kele’s face into something rather monstrous or just filling the screen with pure pixellated chaos, it’s both trippy and light-hearted in equal measure, and hence it fits the audio rather well. Look out for that EP on 13th August.

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