Banks-Warm Water (Video)

This single has grown on me with each play, and I’m clearly not alone- her profile seems to be raising with every passing day, and this video release will certainly help that growth.

The buttery smooth production is incredibly gentle on the ears, and sets this clip up so well that it’s pretty difficult to fail; there’s no approach that wouldn’t have worked with such a strong backdrop, though this visual accompaniment does certainly maximise its impact. Banks’ and her love interest’s movements are kept minimal, with most of the motion coming from the camera work and scene changes, a factor that helps enhance the rather gentle, delicate nature of the song, whilst the monochromatics throughout work with the song’s stripped-back, atmospheric nature well. The occasional bursts of water in various forms further adds a calming, organic quality to the video, and again helps to build on the uncomplicated, minimal style of both the audio and the video.

An incredibly relaxing audiovisual, and one which will hopefully prove to be a strong launching pad for Banks to really get some wider recognition. Grab the audio on iTunes right now.

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