Asher Roth-The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

asher roth
Sequels can be risky business, but when you consider the quality of the original Greenhouse Effect in conjunction with the generally high standards on his previous mixtape releases, it’s fair to assume Asher will deliver with this one.

He’s put out a couple of loosies in advance of the mixtape’s release, primarily freestyles over existing tracks, and it looks as though there’s plenty of original material on this tape to accompany those remixes. Aside from a list of guest producers that includes Hi-Tek and Dave Sitek, Roth’s frequent collaborator Oren Yoel contributes several productions to this project, a prospect that’s certainly enticing given his past work for Asher. Features include Lil’ Wayne, Rye Rye, Chris Brown, Remy Banks and Justin Bieber (assuming it’s not a sample, that’s not a huge surprise given that they share the same manager), though most of the tracks come featureless and should allow for a good exhibition of Ash’s ability. Free grab below.

Asher Roth-The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2

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