Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know?

My relationship with their music is tenuous at best. Like most people, I bought into them when they first emerged, but unlike those who’ve stuck by them and hailed them as the second coming of The Clash, my interest waned significantly with each album.

But they’ve reeled me back in here. The guitars are driving, the percussion is crunching and Turner’s mostly dropped the over-reliance on his Northern accent to add vocal character- for all I know, these things could have happened 2 albums ago in truth, but I’m aware of them now and the combination of it all is suitably impressive. There’s a sleazy, Americana vibe to some of the long, drawn-out guitar work, particularly towards the end of the verses and in the second half of the hook, whilst the relatively gentle vocals on the first half of the hook have a retro, atmospheric quality that seems to drum up a 70s sound; generally it’s an effort that traverses comfortably across several rock and indie styles, and does so to very good effect.

If there’s more of this to come, then I’m most certainly sticking around to see what their next album (rumoured for release this year) is going to deliver. Until then, grab this on iTunes now.

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