ANTHM-Manhattan Music, Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

Most of y’all know me for Handful of Dust, Joy & Pain, and to a lesser extent When We Were Kings. I did this mixtape back in 2010 that never got it’s just due. Called Manhattan Music, Vol. 1, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, it was never formally released. I was mad hype about it at the time. Feels so long ago. I decided I want to release it now to share my beginnings.

A unique release from ANTHM, as he drops off the project that was originally intended to be his debut release. Of course, a big Whoo Kid co-sign would have made for an impressive debut, and whilst he’s since taken a longer route to success, I’m sure that the more arduous journey has allowed his hunger and passion to come forth on the mic a little more. Stream and download below.

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