Another chance for us to showcase some great local talent here, with this four piece emerging from my once-home of Reading. They’ve got an excellent blend of styles in their work, from classic British indie-pop through to harder, edgier rock elements, and the outcome is a sound that feels widely accessible.

The guitar work progresses well throughout, with the first few seconds’ gentle strums being quickly displaced by chunky, driving chords, which themselves take on more power and prominence as the track grows, particularly for the closing third. The softer strums are still left in throughout though, adding a piercing yet easygoing layer to the production, whilst the consistent intensity of the percussion combines well with the guitar work to create a thick, well-rounded soundscape. The vocals add a great finish to the offering, with the melodic yet comparatively laidback (against the angsty instrumentation) delivery keeping the track tempering that production, and packing it with enough harmony to make it listenable to more casual listeners. In itself, it’s got a rather anthemic vibe, and that singalong quality will certainly make it a crowd pleaser at any live shows.

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