Toro y Moi-Rose Quartz (FaltyDL Remix)

Rose Quartz is definitely one of my favourite tracks from Toro’s excellent Anything In Return album (add Harm In Change and Say That to the list), and whilst remix is probably putting it mildly here, it’s good to see that piece get refreshed here.

This remix essentially reworks the entire track, taking its laidback, progressive nature and filtering it through an electro style that’s experimental and atmospheric in equal measure. There’s a ton of echo throughout, with the percussion reverberating heavily throughout this to create a sense of space and desolation, whilst the crisp drum hits add a slight edge in with that spaced-out vibe. It’s then built on with intermittent melodies, from short vocal samples from the original to distorted keys, and the end result is one that’s a relatively mellow listen, but with a dynamic, unpredicatable edge. Fundamentally, it bears very little resemblance to the original, and hence those looking for a slight tweak on that will be disappointed, but as an independent track its slightly dark, sombre nature makes it worth adding to a winter playlist.

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