Thelonious Martin-Marilia and Sleep Pattern

Two songs, one post. In recent times, I’ve started to appreciate the underrated Thelo Martin’s beatwork, and this is an example of not only his talent, but also his fantastic eclecticism. Marilia clearly takes influence from the Brazilian style, combining soft guitar strums with what I’m assuming are vocals in Portuguese, with a gentle yet consistent percussion holding the track together as the aforementioned samples sit with a mellow synth, and the whole package gets thrown into a stuttered style. It’s experiemental electronic done well, and will certainly call for attention from fans of Flying Lotus, Exile and so on.

sleep pattern
Sleep Pattern is a much darker, more atmospheric effort, and you can feel that late night influence on the production. The percussion is sharp and dominant, whilst the synths fill the soundscape with a relaxed aura, before additional elements including sporadic vocal samples are thrown in to add final touches to an excellent production, reminiscent again of the works of Flying Lotus, with a touch of J Dilla in there too. As different as day and night, but both tracks are certainly worth a listen. My preference? If I had to choose, Sleep Pattern.

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