The xx and Jessie Ware-Lady / Music Sounds Better With You (Cover)

Seperately, they’re both incredible artists in their own lanes, and together here they remain utterly superb. The unexpected collaborative team churns out a blended cover of Modjo’s Lady and Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You, ably supported by a slightly tweaked version of Sunset from The xx’s own Coexist album for a diverse track that works far better than it should.

Still with me? Good. In addition to providing the instrumentation for Sunset, The xx themselves deliver the ever-memorable hook from the Modjo original, taking it from its originally-upbeat style down into the sombre, moody soundscape they’re always so skilled at creating. It works almost seamlessly, and that doesn’t change at all when Jessie Ware adds her contribution, that being the iconic hook from the Stardust classic; yet again, it blends as smoothly as you could hope for, though Jessie’s natural intensity and passion prevents it from sinking too deep into the percussion, and instead injects that section of the track with a lot of vibrancy. The tweaks to the instrumentation are well-suited in context, with the guitars coming through on a slightly sharper, more lively style that suits Jessie’s work in particular, and caps off what is a unique and enjoyable performance. There are already fans desperate for a studio mix of the track, and fingers crossed that comes through at some point.

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