Tame Impala-Prototype (Cover)

Over the last few years, several artists have delivered covers of Outkast’s fantastically heartfelt song, most notably Jesse Boykins III and Arima Ederra, and now an act outside of the soul/R&B sphere opts to give it a go.

This release coincides with my belated listening to Tampe Impala’s Lonerism album, and though it’s taking me a little time to fully get into that LP, there’s clear evidence they’ve got both talent and a distinct sound nailed down. The latter is a slightly trippy alternative style, with a heavy 60s/70s pop infusion (imagine Unknown Mortal Orchestra, with slightly crisper production values), and that sound is smoothly injected into the soulful sounds of this cover: it opens in very similar fashion to the original, with wailing guitar licks accompanied by delicate, gently-pitched vocals, before throwing in a chunky synth groove and a little atmosphere courtesy of backing vocals for that Tame Impala touch. The track closes with a nice percussion line to fully close off the soundscape, adding a sharpness to the track that supports the vocals well, and it ends what is a very enjoyable and respectful cover (in terms of not warping it beyond recognition) of a now-classic original.

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