Sophie Delila-Bound to Fall (Video)

A regular collaborator with Nouvelle Vague and having found herself joining Plan B on stage, the London-based Parisian has been catapulted into a world of big-name musicians, a theme that’s relayed in ‘Bound to Fall’. “Life sometimes pushes you to the edge and it’s about how you deal with it, whether you can control things or not,” Sophie says.

A good blend of pop, soul and alternative coming through a vibrant yet mellow voice, and one that I’m sure will find plenty of favour with fans across the board. The track boasts strong production, with stripped back verses of soft keys and minimal percussion juxtaposing well with the hook, which throws in a huge drum line for immediate impact, alongside backing vocals and many more layers that contribute to a grand anchor point. Sophie’s vocals progress between two deliveries, with a gentler opening blossoming into an intense, empassioned performance as the track evolves; it’s crisply done, and there’s proof that she’s got the versatility to do the laidback work just as competently as the more expansive stuff.

The video combines footage from various historical moments and modern travels into a clip that represents the audio very well. Almost every segment chosen here not only fits in terms of lyrical context, but also provides ideal scenery to match the song’s current stage, and hence it’s a good accompaniment throughout. Be sure to catch Sophie at Camden’s Jazz Cafe on 13th June.

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