SNDCLSH (Lupe Fiasco + DJ Sky Gellatly)-Thieves

Whilst I’m still not a fan of the vowel-less naming convention, it’s good to get a second release from this side project of Lupe, the first since their debut track last year.

Unlike that release, this one’s an original piece, and interestingly features Lupe delivering Autotuned vocals the whole way through. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but when you consider this is intended as an electro-pop release rather than a typical Lupe effort, it certainly operates effectively in that role and could be a contender for some club play time this summer. The production is built on interweaving synths that buzz through the soundscape, with support from sharp yet relatively understated percussion and a couple of nice key changes that segregate the verses and hook smoothly. Lupe’s vocals are efficient throughout, opting against packing each section too heavily and instead allowing gaps between each line for the production to breathe, and it’s a smart move that allows you to properly appreciate the slow growth of the beat, resulting in an explosive electro finale. An energetic bit of mainstream-friendly work that might not blow anyone away, but will make for an easy addition to several uptempo playlists.

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