Smith Westerns-Varsity (Video)

The sheer happiness of this song is unbelievably infectious, and despite my skip-happy nature, I find it impossible to press skip when those first few notes hit. That, my friends, is high praise.

Of course, this is by no means for everyone-it’s got a heavy pop influence, and is no doubt wrapped in a squeaky-clean veneer that’ll turn a lot of people off, but nonetheless those of a happy disposition will probably find some kinship with it. The video mostly plays on that vibrancy, with a lot of the scenes having a visceral approach due to their focus on the five senses; in particular, there’s a lot of emphasis on touch, whether that’s the oddly-mesmerising squeezing of citrus fruits, or the interactions between the seemingly happy couple. The colour palette veers between sunny, bright scenery through to darker environments, though the latter aren’t ‘moody’ as such, more of a warming nature that creates a nice sense of enclosure around the two characters. The second half of the clip expands the setting somewhat, with a little rooftop frolicking from the duo creating a sense of freedom in front of an expansive backdrop, and closes off what is just a video that can best be described as ‘nice’. Worth a watch for fans of the song, and you can either grab the single now or wait for the Soft Will album on 25th June.

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