Smith Westerns-3am Spiritual

smith westerns
A second release from their upcoming Soft Will album, due to land on 24th June, and one that’s markedly different from the bubbly, upbeat style of their previous effort.

Whilst there’s still plenty of positivity in here, it’s rather more earned in its nature. The track begins with rather melancholy string work, with the backdrop being one of airy synths and distant string plucks, and hence it’s not inherently negative and rather bittersweet instead. That emotion grows into eventual positivity, with the vocals becoming more expansive and passionate, moving the partially-unchanged lyricism away from disappointment into acceptance, whilst the production keeps up with a lively final third packed with keys, more freedom within the strings, and bursts of backing vocals that add a vibrant finishing touch. Another good listen, and be sure to grab that album next month.

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