Pusha T-Numbers on the Boards (Video)

It seems I’m in the minority here, but I wasn’t overly enamoured with this track on its release. Many showered praise upon the production, and whilst it’s undoubtedly a style we’ve not heard Pusha on very often (and hence there’s a touch of novelty value), it’s minimal nature didn’t feel as though it played to Pusha’s strengths.

He’s charismatic on the mic and has great presence, but I’m sure most would agree he’s hardly going down as lyricist of the year. That’s not to say ‘complex lyrical rap’ is all that’s acceptable, but a low fat production of this ilk slightly exposes the repetitive nature of his work, and hence it was hard to commit to the track initially.

With that said, a combination of repeated plays and this video have thoroughly helped. The video’s as stripped back as the audio, with settings including a dark, overcast sky with a touch of post-apocalyptic feel, amongst other dimly-lit environments that contain Pusha T, and little else. They bring out a moody, atmospheric quality in the production, whilst his aggressive, emotive on-screen nature lends a hand in upping the lyrical intensity, and as odd as it is to say, his surliness helps to create a tight bond between the grittiness of the beat, the arrogant lyricism and the dark video. There’s a rawness that comes out in the clip that aids the appeal of the audio immeasurably, and this is a rare example of a video really elevating a track. Pusha’s My Name Is My Name album lands on 16th July.

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