Novel-Pretty Scars (Video)

Late pass. Novel’s Under Water, Overwhelmed EP completely slipped under my radar, but having spent the last few days listening to it almost exclusively, I’ve got no qualms about calling it one of the most consistent R&B projects I’ve heard in months. Across the 6 tracks, Novel seamlessly switches through various styles, applying his strong songwriting ability to a series of good productions, with the latter a notable milestone: his previous works are patchy in terms of quality beat selection, and having Justin Kahler almost exclusively produce this EP has resulted in a consistency that may finally elevate him into the conversation when discussing the cream of today’s R&B crop.

This track can be considered the highlight of the EP, a smooth effort that blends together various styles crisply. Whether it’s Novel’s mixture of singing and rapping, or a production that moves between chillout R&B for the verses and a more upbeat nature on the hook, it’s one that seems to cover off almost all areas in terms of creating a replayable, addictive R&B track. The lyricism combines introspection and positivity, designed to praise his partner in the face of her insecurities, and that’s clearly represented in the video, with the leading lady swinging wildly between carefree happiness and downright depression, giving those lyrics support to ensure they don’t get lost within the mesmerising production. Great track from a very enjoyable EP; stream the EP here, and get it on iTunes afterwards.

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