MeLo-X-Mojitos and Little Dragon

From the stoops of East Flatbush to beach fronts world wide, MeLo-X puts us all in the right frame of mind for that summer time weather with his latest single. This is the first release from MeLo’s forth coming EP “GOD:HiFi” which is a follow up to his last EP “GOD: LoFi”. The new EP is scheduled to drop in June.

MeLo has been absolutely relentless in the last 2 months, churning out singles, videos and an EP, and there’s no sign of slowing down. It’s certainly not a bad thing, as not only is his work unerringly consistent, but there’s so much variety in his craft that it’s difficult to get bored of his output, and hence there’ll be no complaints here. MeLo moves slightly away from the slower, R&B-influenced style of his previous two releases and throws out a production with a strong electronic influence, with crisp melodies flowing above sharp percussion for a piercing, slightly experimental beat, with hints of Flying Lotus’ style embedded in here. His raps are relatively high-paced, with his speed and intensity matching that of the frenetic electro melody, whilst the comparatively gentle hook provides a nice cool-down and contrast from those direct, punchy verses. another good release, and I’m looking forward to getting that full EP next month.

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