Masspike Miles-Flatline ft. Wiz Khalifa (Video)

As each week goes by, an upcoming R&B artists reminds me that they still exists, and those individual pieces are really coming together to recover that scene. Masspike’s one that I enjoy but often don’t credit enough, and here’s a good opportunity to do so.

Admittedly, this production caught my ear as it also backs Lloyd Banks’ Live It Up, one of the highlights from his V6: The Gift mixtape (which I’ve been listening to relentlessly recently), though it originally belongs to Miles. Hence, though it may be the wrong way around in terms of actual chronology, this release provides a fresh take on that excellent production, with Miles delivering well. Masspike’s vocals are passionate but delivering in a stop-start manner that allows the thumping production room to breathe and shine, with its bassy nature working against Miles’ shrill voice well, though Wiz’s approach is arguably a little too laidback, and hence he gets thoroughly swallowed within the beat’s intensity.

The clip is simple enough, giving Miles some valuable face time, and most importantly capitalising on the production’s energy with rapid scene shifts, busy, high activity scenes and rightfully making no attempt at telling a story. It’s an easy watch that definitely amps up the audio’s intensity, and you can grab it on Masspike’s Skky Miles 2 project now. Don’t miss out on that Banks version above either.

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