Lupe Fiasco-Animal Pharm

Having fully intended on delivering this to you yesterday, I’m glad to drop it off today as it’s allowed time to digest a lyrical onslaught that Lupe fans will be massively into.

Borrowing Atoms for Peace’s Ingenue, Lupe’s afforded a naturally mellow, reflective soundscape upon which his relentless wordplay is laid out, with a phenomenal range of metaphors, double entendres, and various other literary devices found within. Most apparent is the clear tie-in with the similarly-titled George Orwell book, with Lupe’s constant references back to animals and/or natural factors allowing a consistent thread to run through the lyrically-intense track. The very messages within the book lend themselves to supporting the raps, and heighten the complexity further; even for lines that don’t seem directly associated with the novel, repeated listens probably unveil a connection to the plethora of socio-political messages contained within Orwell’s work, and it’s a level of thinking that both Lupe approaches many of his works with, and his fans are keen to apply. For an in-depth lyrical breakdown, head over to our friends at GWHH who have taken the time to fully dissect the piece in great detail.

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