Joey Bada$$-Word Is Bond

joey badass
On 12th June last year, Joey dropped off his 1999 project. Taking many hip-hop heads by surprise, its throwback nature was impressively nostalgic, and given how much his stock has risen, it’s an opinion shared by a great number of folk. This year, 12th June sees Joey drop off his Summer Knights EP, with this effort scheduled to be its first single.

Statik Selektah helms the production, and does a fantastic job. Combining scratches and booming percussion right out of the DJ Premier playbook, Statik adds his own reflective twist with a sombre piano melody and a touch of atmospheric, airy synth where required. It’s a beat that’ll tick a lot of boxes for the heads, and clearly one Joey relishes with another strong performance- his flow bounces along the strong percussion line well, whilst his lyricism maintains his streak of brash, confident releases, with the two combining to tame what would be an overbearing beat to a less forthcoming rapper. Arguably, a little lyrical introspection might have brought out those reflective melodies more, but it’s a harsh criticism; this is a good performance from Joey over a chunky production, and a strong sign ahead of that EP.

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