Gold Panda-We Work Nights

Next month is not one to miss in music, it seems. Gold Panda’s Half of Where You Live lands on 10th June, and ahead of that release he lets another single go, and it’s another with plenty of international influence.

This one packs in a huge range of layers in the production, from sharp, piercing mandolin through to the pillowy percussion, and not forgetting the atmospheric synths that lie between them. There’s plenty more, and it’s a typically-detailed effort from Gold Panda that doesn’t merely throw them all in a heap, but rather lays them out intricately into a piece that moves very organically; there are one or two brief periods of downtime that serve as nice recovery points, swallowing up the lively, vibrant production that precedes them before it becomes overbearing, and gently bringing the listener back around to another dose of the high-pitched melodies. Aside from those brief turns, the more energetic aspects of the production evolve well throughout the track, with the first half centred more around the thick percussion and guitar strums, before the mandolin enters the fray to really command the second half of the piece. It’s a great release from Gold Panda, and makes for a strong sign ahead of the album release in a couple of weeks.

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