Giraffage-Music Sounds Better With You Remix

Relatively recently, I gave Giraffage’s Needs album a go and enjoyed large parts of it. Here, the talented producer grabs a favourite of mine from my childhood, with Stardust’s only hit single getting a mini-revival with this remix. Little known fact: Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk was a member of Stardust.

It’s been mostly forgotten by many, but this song is a staple of my summer playlists, and it’s nice to see it get a refresh here. However, Giraffage swaps out the addictive, buzzing melodies for a more sombre approach, with the primary layer being a slightly stuttered series of synth hits that roll through the track smoothly and comfortably, eventually becoming an anchor of a production that throws additional samples and electronic effects on top of it. It’ll be categorised as an easy-listening remake, with sporadic vocal samples left as the sole connection to the original, and hence it stands aside the lively Stardust effort rather than attempt a replacement, hence it’s definitely fit for use as a mellow, summer evening listen. Free stream and download below, so you’ve got no reason to throw it onto those playlists.

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