Gilbere Forte-Pray (Free Album)

gilbere forte
PRAY is the 3rd official release from Gilbere Forte. This body of work chronicles the trials, tribulations, emotions, and enlightenment Gilbere has experienced over the last year and a half. Marking his growth as a man, and as an artist. This project is also the final chapter to his trilogy that includes 87 Dreams + Eyes Of Veritas.

The last time we heard from Gilbere, he released the track Pray back in October, and he returns with this 10-track album of the same title.

I’ve caught a couple of the tracks from this, and there’s no shortage of variety. From upbeat to more introspective efforts, this project seems like a good reminder of the diverse talents that Gilbere lays claim to, and here’s to hoping the trademark lyrical and vocal intensity contained within his raps is abundant on this one. You can stream the full project here, or download it over at Gilbere’s house below.

Gilbere Forte-Pray

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