Empire of the Sun-Alive (Video)

Ice on the Dune lands on 18th June, and the duo finally release the first set of visuals from that long-awaited album. Admittedly, the song took a little time to fully grow on me, with its incredibly positive nature being a tough one to stomach for long periods, but it’s fair to say that increased exposure has slowly won me over.

This video only serves to enhance the upbeat vibe of the song. Set in a bright landscape, the video combines sandy desert scenery with arctic touches (ice on the dune…), and the end product is a dream-like environment that seems to have stepped right out of a fantasy novel. Of course, EOTS’ own penchant for unique costuming amplifies that further, with relatively futuristic costumes of their own contrasting the somewhat tribal outfitting of their ‘recruits’, with that relationship built up via seemingly ‘the power of music’. It’s a little cheesy in truth, but for a song brighter than the sun, it makes sense in context, and at the very least the chosen landscapes are a great sight. It’s fun to see their sheer commitment to the energy of the track throughout too, as they belt out every lyric with passion and intensity, another factor that helps bring out the song’s positivity. Worth a watch for EOTS fans, though the rest of you should prepare appropriately for the bizarre.

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