When I wrote ‘Happiness’, I knew that vocals would play an important part, but I wasn’t sure how to express them myself. Being the last song on the album, would it be a grand statement – or a smaller piece focused on minute details? At some point in time the fantasy of having Ira singing just came to me: “That would be amazing,” I thought.

A fantastically simple track, and one that might not be part of your daytime summer listening, but will definitely slide right into those warm, laidback evenings and nights. Gentle piano keys are the bulk of the backdrop here, and though they’re eventually joined by a touch of synth and what sounds like organ pipes, their sombre nature is what really holds this track together. That aforementioned sprinkling of vocals from Ira Kaplan help add depth to the track’s middle section, and their brief inclusion makes for an excellent intermission between the instrumental sections that surround it. There’s nothing complicated about this one, and as a result it’ll cut right through you with tons of emotional appeal. A great listen, and look out for the Nightmare Ending album on 14th May.

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