Earl Sweatshirt-Guild ft. Mac Miller

earl sweatshirt
Earl’s gearing up for that Doris release, and having performed several previously-unheard songs during live shows in recent months, we get the latest studio release from the album here.

A lot of hip-hop fans struggle to get into the distorted vocal modulator effect that some rappers have favoured in recent years (of course, popularised in that time by Tyler, The Creator), so you’re probably going to want to skip this one. I’m generally OK with it, and though eventually some of the smart lines both send across come through well, here the distortion adversely affects their ability to properly inflect their raps and just seems to be laid on way too thick. The similarities that the modulator creates in their pitch does rather cleverly make it tough to tell who’s who on the track, which is a fun novelty but it’s hardly what you’d expect to look for in a hip-hop track and isn’t enough to recover it. The laidback production is a relatively metronomic piece that doesn’t boast any particular highlights, and plodding through offering support to the raps rather than enhancing or outdoing them. It’s not like rap needed an Autotune equivalent but it’s found one, and here it detracts from what might have been an otherwise likeable track.

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