Dinner At The Thompsons-Something About You

Genre-bending Franco-American duo Dinner At The Thompsons present their new EP “DATT: digital audio trip together”. The duo have garnered much praise, ranging from their video “It All Began” to the BBC deeming them a “thoughtful, leftfield success” for trip-hop fans, and including them on their yearly “best-of” roundup.

Fun electro-pop from this duo, with a track that should find a home in many libraries with the summer days drawing nearer. The production throws together lusciously thick percussion and a plethora of electronic samples, effects and melodies, with the track heavily driven by the former in the opening third, before the latter’s impact grows into a more contributory factor. It’s certainly a dynamic piece, with the movement of those electro elements being rather unpredictable at times, and hence there’s a lot of energy buzzing through this one that supports the high-pitched yet rather mellow vocals very well. Those vocals are certainly an enjoyable piece of the jigsaw too, with a strong singalong nature that’s also intermittent enough to allow the production room to breathe.

The video is a series of landscapes projected onto a woman’s back, which sounds remarkably uncomplicated, but will definitely feel trippy; that’s largely due to the calming blue tint that masks each scene’s freneticism, whilst also tying them all together. A psychedelic watch and a positive, upbeat listen, look out for DATT on 24th June.

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