Deftones-Swerve City (Video)

Quite possibly my favourite song from their critically-adored Koi No Yokan album, and they’ve chosen to put together a good clip for it.

It’s a relentless piece, commanding attention from its very beginning with powerful, ear-rattling guitar blasts and intense percussion, with the instrumentation coming off as a great blend between industrial rock and melodic metal. It’s completely unrelenting with its driving nature throughout, and that consistency allows Chino’s vocals to really flourish, with harmonic and relatively gentle deliveries for the verses contrasting the sharp, angsty and anthemic work on the hook; their synergy with the instrumentation is thoroughly excellent, and makes this sub-3 minute effort feel like a much bigger, grander piece.

As a track I consider as prime driving music, it’s interesting to see the natural take they’ve gone for. Focusing solely on a woman riding a horse through the arid desert, their collective movement as they tear through the expansive landscapes makes for fitting viewing as far as the piercing style of the audio goes, whilst also combining well enough with it to create a somewhat mesmerising effect. It’s really quite an unfussy visual, but the fact that the hooks are timed with extended riding periods is a simple move that helps bring physical manifestation to the track’s forceful nature. Worth a watch, and most certainly worth throwing on whilst driving (legally) fast. Grab that album now.

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