Charli XCX-I Want It That Way (Cover)

Looks like it’s old-school song cover day, as Charli XCX follows up her British compatriots with this rendition of the classic (don’t pretend it isn’t) Backstreet Boys track. When you consider Charli’s alternative, occasionally psychedlic stylings, it’s initially hard to concieve quite how this cover will work.

Press play and that feeling will go away pretty quickly. Charli ditches the more electronic, experimental stylings of some of her work and instead performs a hugely stripped-back cover that offers a good opportunity (and a first, for many) to properly appreciate her vocal talents. I’m in the group of knowing her more for the all-round package than as a vocalist, and this committed performance is a great sign of adaptability, and not only stands her in good stead with her current avenue of creativity, but also shows she’s got more tricks in her bag if she ever switches direction. The supporting production gets a little monotonous at times, with the same couple of keys repeated over and over, but as a showcase of Charli’s ability, this clip works tremendously.

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