Caveman-In The City (Video)

The track itself was posted under the guise of it being a bright, summery track with plenty of vibrancy, and whilst it remains so, this video completely flips that vibe and uses the audio to support a dark, horror-esque story that’s morbidly engrossing.

Julia Stiles plays the lead character, who’s seemingly spending some time in New York with her partner; it all starts rather warmly and the hazy, retro-style filter enhances the initial suggestion that this will end up being a simple and positive video of the romance between the two, fittingly set ‘in the city’. However, before long things take a rather dark turn, as a crazed hotel worker sneaks into the couple’s room, hiding behind the curtain until they fall asleep. It’s completely creepy and the menacing lighting tricks used on his face help enhance that feel, whilst his slow, minimal movements creating a sense of deliberacy that makes his actions yet more unpleasant. The initial subtlety (relatively speaking) of his ‘work’ is cleverly played, seeding slight doubts in Julia’s head about whether it was done by her partner or not, a feeling which grows as the lacerations increase in quantity- credit is deserved for her expressions and body language throughout, which express those evolving concerns with great clarity. The ending is rather smart, as the initial belief is that she simply wakes up before being ‘finished off’, but the heavy white lighting is arguably more suggestive of a post-death scenario. A clever video that’s worth a watch, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the track or not.

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