Before R&B massively fell off a cliff, Atozzio was one of those singer-songwriters that would usually get considered for R&B Fridays (remember that?) where appropriate, but didn’t quite make the cut. Since those days, he’s stepped his output up, going so far as releasing his debut album a couple of years back. He’s now gearing up for its follow-up, The Imprint II: Evolution, with this being that LP’s lead single.

Those of an R&B inclination will thoroughly enjoy this; it’s a slow jam boasting solid production, strong vocals and surprisingly enjoyable lyricism for a track of this ilk. The production’s minimal for the verses, relying mostly on atmospheric production and the occasional flash of additional melody, with the track’s clear anchor being the hook that throws in a medley of synths and sharper percussion, increasing the track’s intensity. Atozzio’s vocals move in the same fashion, with a relaxed approach for the verses highlight the lyrical introspection, versus the conclusive nature of the livelier hook, which comes accompanied by some good work on the multi-layered backing vocals. It feels like an R&B jam right out of its most recent peak (’08-’10), and hopefully Atozzio keeps this consistency up.

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