ANTHM-Double Excel (Video)

When ANTHM dropped this remix of Eminem’s Role Model, it certainly caught the attention and made for an excellent refresh of that classic track. It also came as part of an onslaught of material he’d thrown out around that time, and that flurry of work has continued since, with this video being the third he’s released in as many weeks.

It was great to hear such fire in ANTHM’s voice on the audio, and he brings that to life with a relatively simple video that just focuses on him delivering the work. That’s after a fun opening, whereby he crashes the Rap Genius offices to ‘subpoena their database of whack rappers’, and it’s actually quite amusing to see the once-Wall Street banker suit up and play a faux-corporate role here. Of course, that’s juxtaposed well with his rougher street performance that makes up most of the video, with his body language used well to enhance the intense raps. Worth a quick watch, and most definitely worth a listen/download above if you don’t already own this.

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