ANTHM-Be Still (Video)

Though the Joy & Pain EP landed almost a year ago, ANTHM heads back to it for his latest visual. It was a project that was very strong from start to finish, and became a great introduction to an artist I’ve championed heavily in the intervening months.

With atmosphere in abundance, the production’s a fantastic medley of slow, powerful percussion hits, airy synths, gentle melodies and plenty more; it’s a busy, thickly-packed backdrop, and yet manages to remain relatively mellow and introspective, facets which extend to his lyricism. The verses are part-biographical, part-inspirational and wholly thought-provoking, with plenty of emotional content wrapped into a deliver full of desire and hunger. Credit to his hook work too, which has him singing a delicate chorus that works smoothly as a ‘cool down’ from the lyrically intense verses, whilst helping emphasise the production’s aura.

The video is unfussy and fits the sound of the track to near-perfection. ANTHM raps in an isolated beach environment that enhances the track’s atmosphere, with the relatively desolate and expansive scenery giving physical space for the track to grow into, whilst the additional backdrop of seemingly destroyed houses throws in a gritty realism to capitalise on the reflective lyricism. Big fan of the track, and the chosen video has been executed well. Grab the EP now.

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