Zomby-W I T H L O V E

Sounding somewhere between the soundtrack to underwater exploration and a horror movie (or both?), Zomby serves up a treat of a production for those after something dark and mellow.

Holding this one together are intense, moody synths, washed over by lighter synth work and creepy repeated samples, whilst there are short blasts of quietly intimidating percussion to add an extra layer of depth to proceedings. Despite all of that darkness, it’s not actually negative as such, and instead has a rather relaxing nature courtesy of both its repetitive nature, and good mastering ensuring that no particular element ends up piercing your headphones much more than any other.

The clip isn’t so much a music video in the storytelling sense as much as it is a collection of visual effects. Black and white throughout, it’s essentially two rather ghostly dancers moving at super slow speeds under heavy graphical distortion, before returning to normal. Hypnotising for sure, and as an audiovisual, it’ll probably lull you right into a trance. Be warned. Unique and cinematic instrumental for sure though, and worth a go.

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