Zeus-Refusal To Die

Did anyone ever play Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? Honestly, it’s the only fighter game I’ve had on the PS3 that I didn’t either sell or trade for something else. It was undoubtedly a good concept and a good bit of multiplayer fun, with a loose semblance of a story that made relative sense, and it seems that’s inspired an all-DC game in a similar style. This definitely snuck under my radar, but I look forward to its release on 19th April.

This track is taken from the game’s soundtrack, and without question sets an intense, punchy (pun slightly intended) tone for what’s to come. The guitars are powerful and driving from the get go, coming in at mostly the same pace but with a couple of different pitches from the individual instruments, creating thickness and depth to the piece. It’s easy to imagine this backing an in-game fight scene: the guitars just keep coming at you, emitting tons of energy. The percussion keeps pace nicely, adding more pace to proceedings where required, whilst supporting the highlight guitar moments by stepping aside slightly. A consistently thumping and entirely unrelenting effort that will certainly liven up your day.

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