Yuna’s one of my favourite vocalists to have emerged in the last year or so, and following her superb debut album is the Sixth Street EP, set to land on 7th May, almost exactly a year after the release of her album.

This track seems to be in her traditional Malaysian language (correct me if I’m wrong!), and whilst that might make it a little less relatable than her previous works, it’s still a lovely piece that hits the right spots as far as melody, emotion and instrumentation go. Opening in a grainy, tape recorder style, the track stylishly swings into live with soft ukelele plucks, a dash of percussion and some nice digital touches for a mellow soundscape with likeably sharp edges, courtesy of the various melodic elements competing for the dominant role. Yuna’s vocals are as elegant and smooth as ever, though she also takes the opportunity to experiment with a couple of new, more aggressive deliveries in certain spots that add good flashes of emotional variety, and it caps off what is a welcome return for Yuna. Be sure to get that EP on 7th May.

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