XV-Mixtape Anthology

Coincidentally, a couple of older XV tracks came on during a shuffle this morning, and something occurred to me: did we ever get the F.I.F.A. audio? I’m aware remembering a relatively vague song from over 2 years ago is odd, but remember who you’re dealing with here.

Thankfully, this collection is seemingly the precursor to XV’s long-awaited debut album, The Kid With The Green Backpack, an LP that was originally intended to feature the aforementioned track. It’s great to hear that project is finally on its way, and as one of the most consistent and versatile young rappers over the last 4 years (and someone we’ve regularly championed throughout that time), it’s almost beyond belief that Warner haven’t been able to get that release out sooner. In the meantime, enjoy tagless and remastered versions of four of the more popular mixtapes from his back catalogue, Everybody’s Nobody, Vizzy Zone, Zero Heroes, and Popular Culture, and keep an eye out for some official LP releases coming soon.

XV-Mixtape Anthology

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