Work Drugs-West Coast Slide

work drugs
What’s that? Some relatively consistent warm weather? Time for more bouncy summer music.

The first single from their upcoming album, due this summer, Work Drugs drop off an overwhelmingly positive slice of alternative pop that’ll brighten anyone’s day (unless you’re naturally a bit miserable). Crisp percussion drives this one along at a good pace, whilst vibrant electro-esque synths buzz through the track and lashings of smooth guitar work add a layer of organic instrumentation. I’ve not done justice to the depth of this upbeat production as there’s a lot going on there, hitting the right spots for both mainstream listeners and casual fans, and also infusing the catchy vocals with a ton of energy. Those vocals are relatively laidback for the verses, building to a hook that really defines the track, with multi-layered vocals that enhance the singalong vibe, and their overall synergy with the production creates an inescapably feelgood track. It’ll be too squeaky-clean for many, but for the rest it’s an easy addition to a summer playlist. Shout out to SKOA on the find.

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