W.H.I.T.E.-I Wasn't Afraid

White began in 2008 as a summer-away-from-art-school recording project. Utilizing cheap electronics, loop pedals, and torrented music software, he shaped a sound that was more based in textural soundscapes, and hypno-rhythmic drones than traditional melodies and songwriting.

Somewhere between mid-90s chillout, early-00s electro and the feeling you (probably) get when you go cliffdiving in the summer, this is a wonderfully-layered piece of instrumentation that’s going to be a huge favourite on your sunny day playlists. Whilst most summer tracks of the electronic variety opt for minimal, mellow productions, this instead opts to turn the sun’s brightness up to its maximum setting, packing together cool, easygoing percussion and soft vocal contributions in behind powerful, dominating synths that grow in intensity as the verses transition into the hooks. When combined with general structure of the track, it certainly feels like something from 10-15 years ago, and that nostalgic, reminiscent vibe helps you get lost in the warm weather nature of this track. Break this out in a couple of months on a long drive or plane journey and you’ll thank me for it.

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