Weekend Riot Club-Things Are Looking Up Again (Video)

There’s a lot to like here. From the track’s progressive nature to the diverse influences on their sound throughout, and of course the striking visuals, this is a band with a refinement that belies their upcoming status.

The first half of the track sees the punchy guitars build in intensity slowly, whilst the vocals are also the beneficiaries of increased passion and frustration as the song grows, with the thumping percussion holding everything together consistently. For that section, it feels like alternative music with chunky guitars and a slight pop sensibility, before the second half explodes into life with aggressive vocals and an increased intensity across the instrumentation, which expands into any remaining gaps within the soundscape for a full, vivid production. There are hints of rock and hard country in the closing third, and it’s this section which will absolutely get the adrenaline flowing, making for a powerful conclusion to a polished, but certainly hard-edged piece.

The video features some unusual characters gambling, and there’s a loss of touch with reality that grows with the evolution of the audio, with the bizarre characters taking more prominence as the ‘regular’ player slips further downward. It’s all rather dark, but with an energetic twist via the sharp scene cuts to and from the lively band, and the whole package is an engrossing audiovisual. Plenty of potential, be sure to get the single here.

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