Prepare to feel good. Tribes have their sophomore album, Wish To Scream, landing on 20th May, and ahead of it they’ve let loose this anthemic, fantastically singalong single.

Opening with gentle guitars strums and a dash of piano, the track is abruptly joined by thicker instrumentation across the board, creating a deep soundscape that pretty much fills every sonic gap in the track for a wholesome, atmospheric experience. That’s built on with vocals that hover somewhere between classic punk, modern pop-punk and British indie, with the common factor being their infectious quality, both across the verses and the hooks, helped greatly by their desperate, relatively emotional delivery. The hook is the true anchor point of the track though, with the layered, melodic vocals having an addictive quality that doesn’t require a great deal of imagination to envision thousands singing along with it at: just as well, given they’ve got several upcoming festival appearances this summer.

It’s one of those tracks that will unquestionably captivate mainstream audiences at the sniff of an opportunity, and don’t be surprised if this ends up being one of indie’s big hits this summer. No news on a single release, but you can pre-order the album right now.

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