Trampy-#ExpressYourself ft. Danny Brown

The inimitable Danny Brown is back, this time providing the vocals for a Trampy track, said to be inspired by Diplo and Major Lazer.

That influence is clear throughout, with the production smoothly blending electro and hip-hop into a style Major Lazer have dominated, fusing together slow electronic melodies in with steady but strong percussion for a backdrop that seems to hang somewhere between club and car-ready. Danny’s on fire throughout this, delivering his raps at the breakneck speed that suits his cadence best, and its his performance that single-handedly elevates this into that potential club-ready territory. His delivery brings an infectious and intense energy to proceedings, and it’s unquestionably the difference between this becoming a throwaway track and something replayable. Of course, his lyricism is a combination of funny and ridiculous too, and hence this is an enjoyable listen that ticks many of the right boxes. I’m still not comfortable with hashtag track titles though.

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