Thunderbird Gerard-Trouble (Video)

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Thunderbird Gerard has announced his debut T.R.O.U.B.L.E EP, released on May 6th. It documents Gerard’s time on the road after inking a publishing deal with BMG and is the first of a two part conceptual journey about an emotional tale on coming up in Smalltown USA, scraping by in slum town London to acclimating himself to finding love and redemption in Berlin.

Finding new talent is one of the best parts of my ‘work’ here, and here’s another to add to the list. Gerard is not only multi-faceted, as many are, but excels at everything he turns his hand to in this track, and whether that’s rapping, singing, beat selection or video concept, it all comes together for an experience belying his upcoming status.

The track’s backdrop is a highlight, with a bouncy bassline strutting its way through the track to add a head-nodding positivity to the eerie vocal sample, whilst the addition of claps, keys and supporting percussion gradually create an upbeat and well-layered production. Gerard delivers sharp, passionate raps on his two verses, interlinked by a harmonic and memorable hook that demonstrates his capabilities as a vocalist, and it’s a strong performance that should endear him to many. The reflective nature of his lyrics is visualised well, with vintage footage centred around black history that enhances the lyrical introspection and tempers the joviality of the production. A good introduction to a talent I hope to hear more from.

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